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I LOVE making all kinds of videos from TV Commercials, Business & Corporate Promotional Videos, Website Building and more!  My focus is to keep loving what I do every day while having my clients’ best interests at heart AND being the best Husband and Father that I can be.

Prior to my video career I had a food-service background where I went to Culinary School, was a Chef and then sold food. I have become passionate about food again and becoming healthy after a heart attack in 2019. It’s OK… it make me stronger, healthier and so much better in so many ways! I am beating the odds that were stacked against me.

This site is my little corner of the web for video production, food and health. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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My Skills and Services

First and foremost, I specialize in confidentiality! In fact, most of my work is confidential! (That’s why there doesn’t seem to be a lot more content.)

There are many times that the nature of the videos contain sensitive information, eg: company trade secrets; that a business will only show these videos on their private intranet. Any time there is sensitive information involved, you can rest assured that information will not ever be divulged from me.

I also perform work for other agencies and individual companies that wish to have the production that I do for them confidential, eg: White Label. While this type of work does not enable more fresh content here, it does pay a premium and I’m fine with that.

Some companies that my clients do work for I can’t even mention, but you see or use some of them every day.

If you need 100% trust in confidentiality regarding your business or corporate video, this is one area I do specialize in. Send me an email.

Since 2003, I have filmed and photographed many types of subjects and events. Usually I am busy with my own projects, but sometimes people simply need someone to just film and acquire raw footage. If you need a professional camera operator in or around Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City, Knoxville, TN as well as South West, VA and Asheville, NC; don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have traveled many miles providing videography services during my career; including but not limited to: Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Chigaco, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Las Vegas. So if your budget allows for travel and I’m available, I may be filming your next event!

While this is a complicated subject to summarize, basically I do edit my own projects. I very rarely edit anyone else’s footage or project.

For broadcast television, I conform to the station and network’s “standards” for their files. Some stations and networks have their own criteria for their files. Always, I keep the IRE levels within broadcast spec and even adhere to the CALM Act for audio. Most stations conform to -24 LKFS. Need closed captions? No problem. Check out the Closed Captions tab..

Closed Captioning can be a difficult process when you first need it. After over 100 episodes of MMA Inside the Cage as well as a few season of 3B Outdoors, I have developed a smooth workflow of making Closed Captions for Television Broadcasting PLUS YouYube and Vimeo both support the captions by using a separate file that can be uploaded and attached to the video!

Although most local TV commercials doesn’t currently require them, I feel that it is a good idea to close caption them. It helps with the hearing impaired plus watching TV at a restaurant or bar, you can’t always hear the television and they are showing CC, so why not have your commercials closed captioned?

If you need closed captioning work done for your project, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to do this for you in a reasonable amount of time and cost.

I have been working on websites since the days of AOL dial-up. A lot has changed since then. There are only rare circumstances that I feel a site should be built from scratch and hard coded. It takes a lot of time to do as well.

My preference is to use WordPress as a base and then install one of MANY great themes available. Although to some people this may seem like cheating, it is a solid method to use and saves a lot of time. With that said, even using this method can consume a lot of time and to someone who has never operated a nice website, they may simply not grasp how to do it and often get frustrated and give up.

If you have a need for updating your old website to something new and fresh or only have a facebook page for your business and need assistance or someone to just do it for you, send me a message and we’ll see if I can do something for you.

Including this site, here are some others that I have done and maintain.

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