This project was a lot of fun. I remember in my chef days interviewing people and there was some sad, but funny-when-you-look-back-at-it interviews; so some aspects of those plus other people’s stories got wrapped up into this series of commercials. When Kara Knapp from ViaMedia approached me with making these, she and Scott with AtWork wanted to do some funny ones for the “employer” viewers and then some on a more serious tone for “job seekers.” From what I hear, the campaign is a success!

The humorous ones, I immediately knew the right person for the right job… Brendan Koehler. He is a down to Earth guy, funny, and comes across well in camera and on your screens.  We also needed an “interviewer” so another friend came through and did a great job. Thanks Rebecca! We also needed someone to be the kid that is trying to be an adult… Kara’s son played the part very well. Check out this video that has all six of the TV commercials of the funny series.

Disclaimer: There are some stock video clips in these. While I don’t normally like to use them, they do come in handy when production deadlines occur and/or I don’t have timely access to a location to film a scene.

The “Job Seekers” commercials are more of a serious tone and are meant to relate to people looking for a job. These proved to be a little difficult in finding “the right people for the right job” to do these! In fact, we would like to still do some more of these so if you have worked through AtWork Personnel and are interested in being in one of these, then please fill out this questionnaire:

Here’s my friend Donnie:

Now for another one that is among some unique work that I have ever done.  AtWork Personnel, like many businesses; caters to the Spanish speaking population as well. So, here is Vanessa! She did a great job in helping convert the script to spoken Spanish and also did a great job in her delivery!