I created DistriFile after getting frustrated by receiving and sending files by multiple methods: FTP, Online Sharing Services, and even other Self-Hosted File Server type of applications.

ALL methods have limitations and some can cost a lot of money and consume a lot of wasted time dealing with different methods…  Enter DistriFile.

The intent of DistriFile is to be Affordable, Easy to Use, and Powerful.   The ONLY limitation is your internet connection and server hardware (plus any limitations you enter in the options.)

All a user needs is a modern internet browser!  ZERO plugins to download for the user!


Quick Features

  • Virtually Unlimited file size uploads!
  • Really! You can set a maximum size, but it really is pretty much unlimited!
  • Auto Resume file uploads! 
    • Whether the connection drops or even if the browser gets closed!
  • Share to Users & Groups.
    • Clients, Vendors, you name it!
  • Can automatically FTP to a User’s FTP server when shared to them.
    • Many broadcasters still prefer their FTP server for deliveries.  Upload to your system, share to them and you’re done!
  • Share to anyone outside of the system.
    • Good if you need to send a file to a client and their client needs to preview the file.  You can even allow the user to remove the site branding for the Public Share page.
  • Mobile Friendly
    • Tested and works on iOS and Android devices (current OS versions.)
      • Some things work more than others depending on the device, OS, and user configuration.  However, most people will be using this from a desktop.
  • Email notifications to Admins & Users for uploads, shares, FTP Success or Fail, plus more!
    • Emails contain direct links to the files.  No one technically has to log into the system to get the file.
    • You can “turn off” links in the mail if you don’t want this.
  • Allow users to send “Upload Invitations” to others to upload “as them.”
    • Useful if one of your clients is needing to send you a file that another vendor is sending them for a project.
  • Secure File Repository
    • The files folder is NOT directly accessible via the web!  Set it to a location above the site’s document root.


Who could use DistriFile?

Anyone who prefers to have one method of receiving and sending any number of files to and from clients and other entities.

DistriFile serves as an important component in my daily operations.

  • Receive files from other vendors, producers, networks, etc. for inclusion in programs.
  • Send previews to clients and even to the client’s clients.
  • Send finalized/approved files to a number of other entities for broadcast.

Although built for this broadcast scenario, it could be used for any type of person or entity that wants to receive and send files efficiently.

Online file sharing/cloud/boxes are great for some things, however it is a time killer for LARGE files PLUS there are numerous limitations:

  • Can be rather costly.
  • Who all really has access to your files???
  • Bandwidth/Size restrictions.
  • and more…


REQUIRES Apache 2.2+, MySQL 5.5+, PHP 5.4+ (view requirements)

Take a Test Drive!