I was VERY excited when Nathan Light asked if I wanted to go to North Palm Beach, FL to get out of town and have some fun!

Of course, make an episode if we caught some fish… Now I haven’t been “real” fishing in sooo many years, so I told my wife about it and she gave me the all clear to go. (I love her so much!)

We flew down and met his friend Roddy who was hosting this excursion.  Roddy and his family are such wonderful folks and Nathan and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality!  Roddy knows his way around the bays and open sea and took us to his hot spots on a two day fishing bonanza.  Even if we didn’t catch any fish, we were having a blast!

Now this was something totally new for Nathan and I.  Him being a serious bass fisherman and going to fish in the ocean and me, well, I’ve never filmed fishing and just went with the flow.  The first day in the bay wasn’t too bad, but out in the ocean with 4-6′ swells–that was a whole other experience!  Good thing I had my rain slicker for my camera out there.  On a side note, I decided to rig a strap to keep the camera from falling into the water.  I ran a strap through the handle to my belt.  What I didn’t think about was what’s going to keep ME in the boat?!?!?!  Luckily I never lost my balance and both my camera and myself stayed in the boat.

Last year, I ended up providing Closed Captioning for 3B Outdoors and helped get them setup with TuffTV.  This trip was partly a pleasant “Thank You” from Nathan and I appreciate it so much!  I knew it would involve some work, but I used to love fishing and I do love filming so there was NOTHING unpleasant about it– PLUS I gained a couple of good friends!

This year I’ve been polishing up the edits, providing Closed Captions and delivering each episode to the stations.  Normally, the 3B crew films their hunting and fishing, Nathan edits the content and I finish it up.  This is the first actual fishing show that I filmed, edited and as a bonus, Nathan even took a few shots of me fishing and said to put it in. HA! Anyways, I’ve been wanting to post this episode for a long time and finally, it’s been released on the internet, so please check it all out.

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