It is always amazing to be given a blank canvas and let the creative juices flow!

When asked to make this commercial, I knew that every visual had to be “epic” enough to match the powerful script given to me. I wanted the entire piece to have an impact on the viewers that made them simply feel good, maybe shed a tear of joy, leave them speechless, and most of all receive the message that Christmas is not all about gifts!

The world is truly diverse. There are many faiths, religions as well as the agnostic. I live in a predominately Christian area and I believe in God and Jesus and am not afraid to say so! I have a great deal of respect for businesses that aren’t afraid to stand by their beliefs as long as they don’t alienate goods or services to people with views that differ.

I love it when a cashier tells me “Merry Christmas!” I hate it when a cashier is censored and told to be politically correct with “Happy Holidays!” I usually ask “which one?” Personally, I’m fine with one saying “Happy Hanukkah!” to which I’d say, “Happy Hanukkah!” right back, even though I’m not Jewish. I respect that person or business for that and would take zero offense. I hope this makes sense. I’m stating this because I have a diverse set of friends and clients. Most of us share the same beliefs, but some of us don’t and that’s ok… we’re still friends and we do business with each other! You may be reading this post and be offended, but I challenge you to just be open minded about the world you live in.

Sorry for the little speech, but I felt it to be appropriate because I know there are a diverse set of folks who read and watch my content. If you are a Christian, I truly hope you enjoy this piece of work and the message! If you are not, I hope you enjoy the quality of it. If you are lost and just don’t know what to believe… I hope this warms your heart in some way and you give Jesus the chance to be in your life.

Disclaimer: There is ONE piece of stock footage that I had to use, because I couldn’t squeeze in a trip to Bethlehem!