WOW! All I can say is how amazing it is to be recognized as one of the top 25 most influential in the world within this awesome artistry/industry/business! What makes this a real honor is the fact that to be named on the list, the votes are cast by your peers in the industry and the fact that I never once asked for a single vote! The award is based not only on the quality of one’s work, but the influence, inspiration and similar qualities. The ballots are cast and then VERIFIED so there’s not any “ballot stuffing” like other contests and awards…

Anyways, a huge thank you to all who voted! I wish I knew who you all were… now, find out who the 2009 winners are! The announcements were shown on in a span of 4 days. Watch them all here! Watch them all, but I was announced on Day4 @ 2:39.

NOW the list!

DAY 1 VIDEO (sorry, I can’t resize the video to embed here for some reason.)

1) Ray RomanRay Roman Films
2) Kevin ShahinianPacific Pictures
3) Loyd CalomayRed 5 Studios
4) David RobinDavid Robin Films
5) Patrick Moreau, Konrad Czystowski & Michael Y. Wong StillMotion
6) Joe SimonJoe Simon Productions


07) Evro Moudanidis – Moudanier Pictures
08) Mark & Trisha Von LankenVon Wedding Films
09) Travis CosselSerendipity Studios
10) David PerryDavid Perry Films
11) Steve & Laura MosesVantage Point Productions
12) John & Jennifer MoonNorthernlight Filmworks


13) Adam ForgionePennylane Productions
14) Matt DavisLife Stage Films
15) William GaffHumanStory
16) Walter S. Chelliahdefinitiveprojx & EventFilmmaker
17) Kristen*Bliss* Productions & Re:Frame Collective
18) Jason MagbanuaJason Magbanua Wedding Films & Re:Frame Collective


19) Antonio Domingo Perezreflejos|digitales
20) Jerome CloningerJC/DV Productions
21) Julian St. Pierre, Terry Taravella & Joe TaravellaStudio Vieux Carre & IN

22) Steven FowlerSteven Fowler Films
23) Casey L. WarrenMIND|Castle Studios
24) Chris P. JonesMason Jar Films & IN[FOCUS]
25) Seat left open in memory of Julian St. Pierre

Again, congratulations to all and thank you!