I am able to fulfill many services to my clients.


From creative and interesting commercials (that doesn’t look like cheap local “free-but-only-pay-for-airtime” spots) to Training Videos, Presentations, WebCasting Meetings/Events LIVE  to even Indoor Digital Signage… I have your needs covered.


There are two categories for Television that I can do for you… Commercials/Infomercials and Television Shows.  I currently edit a 30 minute Television show called 3B Outdoors that is broadcast on the local CW4 as well as TuffTV Network. I produced a weekly TV show called MMA: Inside the Cage which was THE ONLY locally produced show in the tri-cities area that was broadcast in High Definition (with the exception of the news stations’ newscasts being in HD).  The show aired on two local stations during the weekend AND Nationally Syndicated on the TuffTV network and FightNOW TV.

Live Events

There are many types and ways to cover a live event that I can provide services.  From a simple 1 camera record and burn to disc to a multi-camera live edit broadcast onto huge outdoor jumbo-trons (like at ball games) AND even streamed over the internet publicly or privately.  Live events I have provided services for include: Outdoor Concerts, Dance Recitals, Mixed Martial Arts (Cagefighting) Championships and Ballgames!

Freelance Work

Need only a camera guy for a day?  Some editing or just need a person to do a certain job for a project?  I am available for freelance work if my schedule permits.  Rates vary, but you can figure $1000/full day (8 hours) as a starting point.  I have a good amount of equipment that I own and have other pieces I have access to.  I’m not going to list it all here, but it’s like a mini-B&H!


Weddings are what got me started in this line of work.  Generally speaking, most wedding videos are awful to watch as they are poorly produced.  The memories created on your wedding day will only happen once, and I can make sure you can relive them at any given time with the supreme quality for which I have become known throughout the years. Since June 2003, I have constantly evolved and helped “raise the bar” within my service area AND have been sought after to provide services in other markets across the United States as well! I have always worked really hard to progress my skills AND to deliver something truly unique to my clients that they couldn’t get anywhere else especially in the area.  With that said, there ARE some people in this area that does really good work! There is a market and product for everyone and every budget.

My demand has risen exponentially and there are only so many events and productions that can be done to maximize focus and attention to each, therefore I will no longer be booking weddings–HOWEVER, since 2005, I began filming with who is now a great friend Mr. Tom Young of Lakepoint Films. He and I basically “booked” each other for each of our bookings.  He and I film almost 100% the same way!  Our editing styles are a little different from each other, but that is the artistic nature of who we are…  As I said, I’m no longer booking weddings, however I will continue to assist Tom with filming his weddings.

So, if you are looking for a great team of professionals who work extremely well to cover your wedding day–go visit www.lakepointfilms.com and if you end up talking/emailing with him, be sure to tell him I sent you to him.

(Guess what… when I got married September 2011, I had MANY generous offers from some wedding filmmaker friends to film our wedding–and we chose Tom mainly because I knew EXACTLY what I would be getting without question!)