Wedding Cinematography

The memories that you will create on your wedding day will be some of the most cherished memories of your life and should only be handled by trusted people to document!

I’ve filmed MANY weddings since June 2003 not only locally, but all across Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, even as far out as Las Vegas and Seattle, WA!

In the past couple of years, I have been doing more and more Corporate & Broadcast type of filming & productions which keeps me very busy for most of my weeks (PLUS I have a family now and promised myself that I wouldn’t let work overrule my personal life ever again… I mean, I still work a lot–but I will not let it cost me my family!)

The secret to having a very nice and high quality wedding film is to have the right person/team with experience and who know how to do it ALL right.  Composing the shots in the camera, adjust to the changing lighting scenarios, record great audio throughout the day, edit it to be something you want to watch more than once, adjust levels and color balance of all the cameras used to match AND to not be just that “default out of the camera video  look” and much more!

Since 2005, I began filming with who is now a great friend Mr. Tom Young of Lakepoint Films. He and I basically “booked” each other for each of our bookings.  He and I film almost 100% the same way!  Our editing styles are a little different from each other, but that is the artistic nature of who we are…  With all that said, I am no longer booking weddings HOWEVER I will continue to assist Tom with filming his weddings.

So, if you are looking for a great team of professionals who work extremely well to cover your wedding day–go visit and if you end up talking/emailing with him, be sure to tell him I sent you to him.

(Guess what… when I got married September 2011, I had MANY generous offers from some wedding filmmaker friends to film our wedding–and we chose Tom mainly because I knew EXACTLY what I would be getting without question!)

Have a great day and I give you my best wishes for your upcoming wedding!