Whether a project needs a full-blown video production with lights, cameras, drone, audio, editing, graphic design or a simple film and light edit, I am able to accommodate the needs of the project.

I film in pristine 4K quality whether the deliverable is 4K or 1080 HD because it just looks so good. I utilize one of several picture profiles depending on the scene, lighting and desired look of the video that will yield the best results. In the edit process, I further tweak the footage to look its best. No video goes out “straight from the camera” unless it is a shoot and hand over footage type of project.

It is said that audio is 75% of a video production. I actually believe it to be more than that. If you had the absolute best looking footage but the audio sounds terrible, then you and your audience will absolutely not want to watch another second of it. For this reason, I always put as much attention into the audio recording as much as I do the video. The end result is a video