Jerome's 14" CrappieYou may remember the 3B Outdoors Florida Saltwater Fishing Episode where Nathan Light took me out for a wonderful excursion and I caught the fishing bug… well, yesterday Nathan took me down to Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN for some Crappie fishing.  It was a chilly morning, but by Noon, it was a perfect day!


I’ve never fished for Crappie, but man it was fun!  We caught our limit, took them home, cleaned and fried them up. As you can see from the pix, there are some nice ones!

A couple of months ago, I bought a Sony AX100 4K camera for a project where I wouldn’t be able to change out lenses due to many many particles floating in the air–getting the sensor dirty constantly, so I needed something where I could get great resolution (and minimal moire and aliasing) without changing lenses and be portable in tight places–something my EA50 & a6000 wouldn’t allow.  Let me tell you something, this little gem is a really nice camera!  Granted it isn’t a full package (no XLR inputs without adapting it out, crappy (not the fish kind) of viewfinder, LCD isn’t good in bright light, etc) but learning the limitations and modifying the camera and working around the limitations, this thing rocks for what it is!  Not mention the recent firmware update allows recording 4K XAVC @ 100Mbps!  (Too bad the YouTube encoding KILLS much of the details……)

Check out this short clip from some testing/experimenting I did.  If we would have hooked up the wireless mics, we could have probably had some good show content!  So, I apologize for the poor audio, but this fishing trip was a R&R trip and I thought I’d just play with the camera a little bit, BUT after looking at the footage, I figured I’d post it here…  4K UHD! 1080p is now outdated.

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