Blackbird Bakery – Bristol, VA

Blackbird Bakery

Having a culinary background, I was very excited to book this project with Randall & Carla Perkins-owners of Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, VA! Although I wasn’t ever great at the baking and pastry world, I did appreciate the art.  My

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DistriFile – Self-Hosted File Distribution

DistriFile - Self-Hosted File Server

I created DistriFile after getting frustrated by receiving and sending files by multiple methods: FTP, Online Sharing Services, and even other Self-Hosted File Server type of applications.

ALL methods have limitations and some can cost a lot of money and consume a lot of wasted time dealing with different methods… Enter DistriFile.

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Help find Remy!!!


My good friend Stacey’s dog/daughter Remy ran away while she and Jeff was on their honeymoon. How sad! This morning she texted wanting to do a commercial. GREAT IDEA!

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Stacey & Jeffery Miller’s Wedding Highlights


I was so happy for her when she and Jeff met! They are truly two of the happiest people together and you can definitely see that in them! Check it out…

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Eagle Finance – Back to School Commercial


It’s getting that time of year again!  Back to School shopping starts soon!  It gets so expensive to get everything for the kiddos to start back to school… This was a really fun spot to make.  Bobbie did another excellent

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Eagle Finance “Beach Bound” Commercial


Dad wanted a new spot for vacation loans.  Bobbie at SPG cut her teeth on this one and instead of being an Elf, she basically scripted and got everything together for this.  I think she did a really good job!  Made

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How much for a wedding film???


I am curious as to how much you would pay for a wedding film. Thank you for submitting your HONEST and ANONYMOUS vote!

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Ren + Keith | Wedding Highlights


Being who I am, I decided to give these two creative love birds a wedding gift that comes from the heart and something that they will treasure for years to come

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